Christian Witnessing Apps

Chick Tracts

by Chick Publications

Take 10 popular Chick Gospel Tracts with you and view anytime on your phone! Share these little discussion starters with your friends. These tracts teach important principles from the Bible. Once installed onto your phone, you can view the tracts off-line without requiring a data connection.

Share Your Faith

by How to Share Your Faith

The Share Your Faith App helps you easily explain and share the most important concepts from the bible. This makes it simple for you to walk someone through the red zone and bring them over to God. The Share Your Faith App supports 16 languages.

Who Will Be King?

by Matthias Media

Who will be king? is a simplified version of Two Ways to Live that was designed for kids aged 7-11. It presents the Christian gospel in six simple points in an easy to understand way.

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