Free Bible Story apps

The Life of Jesus Christ

by Christian Android apps

This free app contains the complete gospel of Christ showing the events, timeline, miracles, parables and travels of Jesus Christ while He was on this earth.  All events are referenced with the correct Bible passages and Christ's words in red letter with a included easy reading story commentary.

This story of Jesus app is suitable for kids and adults alike. You can have the story of Jesus everywhere you travel right on your android phone or tablet.

Bible Stories OT

by Christian Android apps

Bible stories of the Old Testament are the holy chronicles of God's interaction with mankind and the world before the coming of Christ. From Genesis to Malachi with over 90 illustrated Bible Stories including all the proper scripture references, for the enjoyment of young and old alike.

This easy reading and informative Bible commentary is non-denominational and completely Bible based. This free Bible Stories app works offline and does not need a data connection to operate.

Bible Stories audio OT

by Christian Android apps

True Bible Stories from the Old Testament professionally narrated.

This free Bible Stories app contains over 6 hours of audio in 28 chapters with a picture gallery.

Enjoy all these great Old Testament stories right on your android device.

The Jesus Story

by Christian Android apps

Listen to the complete Bible story of Jesus.

This true story of Jesus Christ is professionally narrated in ten sections with over two hours of audio including a picture gallery.

This free Bible app is great for kids and adults alike.

The Four Gospels

by Christian Android apps

The true story of Jesus can now be enjoyed in easy reading form.

The Four Gospels is a “harmony of the story of Christ” from all the four Gospels and is a unique compilation where all the events of the Bible gospel accounts are presented and combined as a compete single narrative with all the details intact as one book.

All the text for this work is taken from the American Standard Bible with no extra words added for complete biblical accuracy.

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