Free Bible Game Apps

Bible Books Muncher Game

by DavidRWhite

The Bible Books Muncher Game is a very clever and fun retro Pac Man like game.  It allows the player to experience the FUN and challenge of learning the books of the Bible (in order), while being chased by the red devils.

If you can keep the blue Muncher from being eaten and direct the Muncher to the correct Bible book, you will enjoy the thrill of chasing the red devils. You control the Muncher by swiping your screen "up or down" and "Left or Right". At the completion of each round, you get an additional Life and a fanfare of trumpets.

Superbook Bible Trivia Game

by The Christian Broadcasting Network

The FREE SUPERBOOK Bible Trivia Game is a great way for the entire family to have a blast while learning about the Bible. This exciting app is brought to you from the producers of the Emmy-nominated SUPERBOOK animation series. Gizmo, SUPERBOOK'S loveable robot, will be your host as you encounter a wide array of highly engaging questions and answers about the Bible.

Granny's Bible Dojo

by InsideOut Studios

Granny’s Bible Dojo is a fast action board crackin’ game providing the best experience you’ll ever have learning the order of the books of the Bible! Don’t be fooled, though! Granny’s no light weight! Her training will challenge kids, teens, adults, teachers, even seasoned ministers!

Verse Rain

by Hope of Glory Publishing

Verse Rain is a game that makes memorizing bible verses fun! Bible verse words rain from the sky and the player earn points as they tap the words in the correct order to reconstruct the verse. Words are read aloud as each word is tapped, reinforcing memorization both visually and audibly.

Learn bible verses in more than thirty other languages!  Text-to-speech capability speaks the words as they are tapped to reinforce learning.


by A Sling and a Stone

Versed is a tool to help you memorize Bible scripture. By helping apply the Bible in everyday life, Versed will better equip you to be a shining Christian example in a lost and dark world. The Bible is God's word. Our Versed empowers you to lean on Him, in both good times and bad, through learning amazing Bible verses that touch your soul.

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